Arizona Criminal Speeding | Felony Speeding Citation | Aggravated Assault Arrest

It is True! In Arizona, you can be arrested and criminally charged with speeding. Many people visiting Arizona each year find themselves in a criminal court situation in Arizona. Be assurred Arizona Attorney Michael Ziton is the answer. The Law Offices of Michael E. Ziton P.C. have helped countless individuals fight criminal speeding citations, avoid points, and save their freedom, throughout the state of Arizona, in nearly every county. Depending upon which county your criminal citation case is filed in, you could be facing jail. However, a criminal speeding citation is a misdemeanor crime in Arizona, not a felony case. Speeding in Arizona could be an issue in a felony case if you are charged with aggravated assault in Arizona, involving a motor vehicle and serious physical injury. Arizona Lawyer Michael Ziton has over 25 Years of Litigation Experience to put to work for you. Call Michael Ziton Today for a Free Consultation. In many instances, Attorney Michael Ziton can represent you without you even having to return to Arizona for Court. Call Us – 602.234.9290 – Visit our Website: