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Michael Ziton is listed in the National Trial Lawyers Association as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in America. Michael Ziton reviews this distinct honor as an award that is a constant reminder to strive to be the best Attorney you can for the client. Michael Ziton is an Arizona Attorney with 25 Years of Experience. An Arizona attorney search quickly highlights Michael Ziton as a top Arizona lawyer. Michael Ziton is a former prosecutor. Michael Ziton established the Arizona criminal defense practice in 2001. Michael Ziton works hard protecting clients constitutional rights when clients find themselves charged in Arizona with a criminal offense or citation. Michael Ziton is admitted to the Arizona Bar since 1992, as well as, the United States District Court, District of Arizona. Michael Ziton is the right choice in Arizona. Michael Ziton is well trusted and represents clients statewide from criminal traffic citations and complaints to complex misdemeanor and felony cases, including domestic violence, assault, drug charges, DUI|DWI, aggravated assault, white-collar crimes, theft, federal violations, and criminal arrest warrants.

Michael Ziton reviews each case thoroughly and investigates aggressively to help you build a defense strategy and win through the criminal process. Put Michael Ziton on your side. Call Michael Ziton Today.