Sexual Assault | Arizona Arrest | Miranda Rights | Retain Arizona Attorney

Sexual Assault allegations in Arizona are on the rise. This is a serious topic. If you or a loved one is charged with Sexual Assault or any crime involving similar allegations, it is critical to retain an Arizona Attorney immediately. The punishment is severe and the possible release conditions are extremely harsh. Arizona Attorney Michael Ziton is a trusted criminal defense lawyer practicing criminal law for 25 years! Michael Ziton has represented many individuals with sex related charges from one allegation to multiple felony charges involving complex cases. Know your rights – Contact Us – before talking with the police.

One of the most important constitutional rights embedded in our criminal justice system is the “Right to Remain Silent.” The importance of consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney first, before any police contact, is vital – it can make the difference between serving a life sentence in prison or having no formal charges filed.

If arrested, the first court appearance in jail is an extremely critical stage in the criminal process. At this stage, the Court sets your release conditions that determine whether you get out or stay in jail – Arizona Lawyer Michael Ziton has tremendous experience in designing a persuasive strategy to secure your release. Whether you are facing potential non-bondable criminal allegations, or a very high cash bond, Michael E. Ziton is available anytime to fight for your release.

As always, Michael Ziton is Available 24 Hours to take your call and help you build a strong defense strategy. Michael Ziton can also be reached via website – Contact Michael Ziton Today.